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Other advertisement pricing vs. pricing


Gallideals is a great place for sellers too! Being a seller, you can add yourself to our wide network of sellers with your appealing deals and offers

Quick and easy to setup

We have kept it simple! Yes! If you are a seller and want your presence at our site, you can setup and add your store to our network in just few minutes

Cost-effective promotion

Promoting a brand requires times and money. We value your money and time and therefore, we provide a wonderful platform for sellers!

24-hrs product research available to customers

you will acquire customers even when you sleep or your shop closed, since customer can browse your products any time

Higher margins

Being a seller at our site means enjoying amazing benefits and high margins, which comes with less advertising costs.

Increase your brand value & trust

In today’s time, your business profits mainly depend on how you promote your brand! will help you to build an impressive impression for your brand online

Intuitive Dashboards Designs

Our intuitive dashboards design with help you to maintain your products with no extra effort

Our Pricing

The best advantage of registering as a seller at Gallideal is that you get to avail more deals in less price! While other similar online platforms charge Rs.100 or more for a single deal, we give you the opportunity of benefitting from multiple deals. Our various membership plans as Bronze, Silver and Gold let you avail 5, 10 and 100 deals No commission, No Shipping charges, etc, we simply ask you to register and pay once.


Upto 5 Deals

Access to self service

No Support

Free SEO

No Extra Promotion

Offer Price Free Rs 100 / Per Year


Upto 10 Deals

Access to self service

Partial Support

Free SEO

We promote in our social media and email

Offer Price Rs 200 / Per Year


Upto 100 Deals

Access to self service

Full Support

Free SEO

We promote in our social media and email

Offer Price Rs 2000 / Per Year

Why Choose Us

Gallideals provides a wide customer base to sellers so that you can reach every probable customer around the world. It gives you more deals, best online exposure, increased sales and better future for your business.

  • Product Database

    we have wide verity of Product Database

  • Live Chat Support

    Always available to user with Live chat support

  • Custom Plans

    we have custom plan based on the seller requirment

  • Customer insights

    we provide customer insights to seller to increase sale and to grab Opportunities

  • On-Demand Promotion

    we create a custom advertising plans with specific customer segmentation.

  • Store Creation

    we create webstore with seller details and with seller deals.

How it Works

Get registered as a seller with these 5 quick, easy and fast steps.

  • 1 Fill up the registration form
  • 2 Verify email and mobile
  • 3 Choose pricing
  • 4 Pay Money
  • 5 Complete seller training and get started

 Step 1:  Fill up the registration form

The first step for being a seller at Gallideals involves filling up the registration form. Once you are done, you get access to the seller dashboard. The registration form is short and easy to fill and requires the following details. 

Company Name, email, mobile number, password  

 Step 2: Verify email and mobile

  • When you provide the above details and click ‘create account’, you are asked to enter the OTP received in your mail/phone. 
  • After entering the OTP, you are asked to upload VAT/company registration docs. 
  • Once these business docs get uploaded, click finish. 
  • You will be directed to the pricing panel and will get access to dashboard also 

Step 3: Choose pricing- When you land on the pricing panel page, you can choose any of the pricing plan (Bronze, Silver, Gold). However, if you do not opt to pay and opt for a free service, you are directed directly to the sellers’ dashboard.

Step 4: Pay money – Click on the ‘Pay Now’ option, pay money and you get access to the seller training page. You also get access to the sellers’ dashboard.

Step 5: Complete seller training and get started – Once you reach seller training page, just complete your easy and quick seller training and you are ready to go!

Our Client’s Say

We help customers to grow together

Great features

Finally retails got ultimate tool called where he can promote products easy and professional way instead always struggling with advertising agencies.

Mr ram agarwal - retailer

Best Customer Support

All i know they have very good customer support team, always exceeded my expectation.

Mrs Menon - Handicrafts seller


Be a Seller at and Take Your Business to New Heights!

What is is an amazing online portal that provides detailed and authentic information about offline deals, offers, products and services. This online portal is equally beneficial for both customers and sellers!

How much time it takes to complete the registration process at Gallideals?

It takes just 5 minutes to complete the easy and basic seller registration process at our site.

Being a seller, if I want to add 100 products in my store at your site, how much time will it take?

If you are computer friendly, you can add 100 products in just few minutes, say 15-20 minutes. In general also, you will have to spend just 25-30 minutes for adding 100 products. Yes! It’s as easy as it sounds!

How customers communicate to sellers?

As a seller, you provide your contact info (email, phone number, etc.) at Gallideals. The customers can call, chat or email to reach sellers after seeing this information.

Which products/deals can I post on

You can post deals in the following categories:

Apparel, Automotive, Baby Products, Batteries, Beauty, Books, Consumables, Consumer Electronics (including Cameras and Video Games - Consoles), Digital Accessories (including Mobile Accessories, Electronics Accessories and PC Accessories), Groceries, Home, Jewelery, Kitchen, Luggage, Mobile Phones, Movies, Musical Instruments, Office and Stationary, Personal Care Appliances, Personal Computers, Pet Supplies, Software, Shoes and Handbags, Tablets, Toys, Video games (consoles and games) and Watches.

Please note that certain categories are restricted and require prior approval before you can start selling.

Do I need to post only the deals? Can’t I post anything without deals?

Since it’s a deals website, we encourage posting deals only. We respect the valuable time of customers who are looking only for the deals and offers.

Do I need to register to post any deals?

Yes, all sellers need to register to post any deals. You can also add products only when you are a registered seller on

How do I know the usage of OR How should I use gallideals as a Seller?

We have very clear and easy training videos with detailed description. Once you register as a seller on, you can visit the sellers’ dashboard. The sellers’ dashboard will not only tell you about how to use that dashboard but will also provide you other information on our site-usage through seller training videos and descriptions.

What if I have got other questions to ask?

Please raise a query or reach our customer care number. We will respond quickly with the suitable answer for any of your queries.

What if I have multiple showrooms?

In that case, you need to have multiple registrations on If you face any issues while doing this, we will reach you shortly to help you in every possible manner.

What if I don’t have much knowledge on this?

You need not to worry! Just reach us by phone or email and we will help you in this matter, based on various plans available.

What benefits do I get being a seller at

You get to delight and allure global customers. You get an online presence. You can tell customers about your offline deals/showroom and services. You can update your products/offers/services regularly, anytime. You get calls directly from customers and much more!

How do I get to reach a wide customer base?

When you register yourself as a Seller at, you get to expose and promote your services in the online world. Our site is checked and visited by thousands of customers every day. Thus, when they visit our site, they also get to come across your offers and deals. Hence, you get to reach a wide customer base.

Why do I need to provide my contact information?

Providing contact information indicates authenticity. When a customer sees your address, email or phone number, he gets a feeling of trust. Moreover, this is for your own good as customers can directly call you up and can discuss the offers to you!

There must be so many sellers on Gallideal. How do customers get attracted towards my products or services?

The answer lies in attractive deals and offers put up by you! The more interesting your deal is, the more are the chances of customers getting attracted towards your services and deals!

Being a Seller, how can I impress the customers at Gallideal?

First, you will have to provide authentic information related to your products/services/ deals and offers. You will also have to provide genuine products and services. Secondly, when the customers call you up, you can impress them further with your communication skills and up-to-date relevant information on your deals and products.