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Untitled-1 – A Perfect Blend of Equal Benefits from both Online/Offline Businesses

Both online and offline businesses have a significance of their own. But what if you get advantages of both of them? Well, enjoying the benefits of physical as well as virtual business simultaneously is possible, ONLY with Gullideal!

If the idea of ‘enjoying advantages of online plus offline business equally’ really appeals you, please glance through how Gallideals can profit your business.

To begin with let us tell you that we provide you all and many benefits of both physical and online business, respectively.

How Gallideals Provides All Advantages Just Like Offline Businesses?

  • Helps build trust – We display your showroom’s contact no., address and product details. This info is the basic info that is sought after by every customer for building trust in the seller. Moreover, customers can directly call and confirm any offer. Hence, you get to enjoy customers’ trust just as in physical stores!
  • Let you deliver superb customer service – When a customer calls you, you can explain your offer in the most impressive manner. Later, you may elaborate on the same when that customer actually visits your store.
  • Let you convert your calls into customers – What do you wish everyday sitting in your showroom? Well, obviously every businessmen wish to get more and more customers! With your presence on our site, every seller can get more calls from customers and can convert these calls into customers.
  • Let you attract customers through products/offers – Just as you attract customers with deal and products in a physical store, you can attract customers through the same on Gallideal!
  • Helps you explain your product features & quality – Obviously you explain and justify the qualities of your products in your physical store. The same can be done at our online portal in a much better way! Also, you can explain your products/offers to more customers in less time.

 How Gallideals Provides Many Advantages Just Like Online Businesses?

  • Establishes an online identity for you – First of all, simply registering with our site, you can establish an online presence and identity for yourself, without making worries of building your own site.
  • Helps you reach national & international customers – With the help of our site, you can make your brand/products and offers available to global customers, just as it happens in any E-commerce site.
  • Helps you update and spread product info soon – With few clicks and in few seconds you can update info about your items or deals on our online portal. Thus, you get to quickly spread this important info!
  • Lets you allure customers through attractive offers – What happens in online businesses? Well, they attract users with various offers and discounts. The same can be done quickly and easily at Gallideal!
  • Saves your money spent on advertising – When you have tied your knot with Gallideal, you do not need to worry about spending money on advertising of your business. Being present at this excellent platform means an automatic advertising for your business without spending an extra penny!
  • Provides you round-the-clock availability – You cannot be present for 24 hrs at your physical store but it is possible when you have an online presence! So be a part of our seller network and increase your business availability round the clock!
  • More customers in short time – We give you the advantage of handling more customers in short time! You will get queries and call from your target customers and you can explain your offers to them in few minutes. Thus, you increase possibility of having more customers in short time.
  • Reduced cost, maximum profit – Gallideals gives you many other miscellaneous benefits of online business. For example, you get to talk with more customers in short time, you do not have to spend extra money for promoting your brand, you can attract customers with your appealing offers and altogether, you can expand your business for earning maximum profit.

 Gallideals is an Awesome Combination of Both Offline & Online Business Benefits

  • We promote your brand online & you get tangible and positive results for your physical store – By promoting and expanding your business with the help of our site, you can earn positive and increased output for your business.
  • We make you available globally & provide increased views for your brand/products – With the aid of our portal; you can make your presence at international level and can get views from customers all across the world!
  • We make you sell & promote online and benefit physically – Once you go for an yearly subscription with us, you get to promote your business online! Your online presence with us will definitely earn you more profit physically.
  • We provide potential for speedy growth – We help you reach customers globally. Also, we help sellers update their products quickly. You also get to discuss your products with more customers in less time. All these factors contribute to a speedy growth of your business.
  • We help you save money in different ways – Once, as a seller, you become a part of our network, you get to save extra money that is often spent on advertising. Also, you get to save money that is spent on building your own site for online presence.

Gallideals is a blessing in disguise for sellers as well as for customers! Building trust and high reputation for your business is easy and quick with us! Try yourself and get ready to see a quick growth in your business!


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