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Top 9 Benefits for Sellers on


Are you looking for tempting offline shopping deals? Are you a seller who wants to promote his business in a cost-effective manner? Do you wish to promote and establish your brand and products? If you said YES for any of these questions, you are at the right place! Welcome to! A unique online destination that satisfies the needs and expectations of customers who want to have a superb shopping experience! But Gallideals is not only an online portal for shoppers; rather, it is a great option for sellers too!

Let us have a quick glance at what Gallideal can do for customers as well as for sellers.

For Customers: We say we are unique because we let you discover superb offline deals! Yes! We display alluring ONLY offline deals along with the phone number and address of various showrooms. All you need to do is to call up on the contact no. of a showroom and confirm about the offers and you are done! After being 100% satisfied with your tele-conversation with a seller/showroom, you can proceed further by actually visiting the showroom! No chances of fake deals! No mess for returning products! Just absolutely satisfying shopping experience!

For Sellers: Gallideals is a great place for sellers too! Being a seller, you can add yourself to our wide network of sellers with your appealing deals and offers. Our site provides a separate seller section. We also provide a database of products so sellers can easily add up your store/showroom to the existing product list and can modify it as per your needs.


  1. Quick and easy to setup

We have kept it simple! Yes! If you are a seller and want your presence at our site, you can setup and add your store to our network in just few minutes. Our separate SELLER SECTION & easy-to-use design of our site helps you set up your seller account with just few clicks!

  1. Cost-effective promotion

Promoting a brand requires times and money. We value your money and      time and therefore, we provide a wonderful platform for sellers! You can display your deals and offers at our site in a cost-effective manner. Moreover, you automatically get to promote your brand as numerous users explore our site for alluring deals every day.

  1. 24-hrs product research available to customers

Sellers can easily promote their brands and products at our portal. You can also update your products whenever you want. Thus, the customers also benefit from the latest added features and developments in products. Moreover, this products research is available for 24-hrs!

  1. National & international reach

As a seller at Gallideals, you can make your products available at national and international level. Today, infinite number of users checks online portals for finding appealing deals and offers. By presenting yourself at our site, you can make your brand or products available at various corners of the world. Also, you can keep control of your physical store and keep checking your seller account at our site, side by side. By being our seller member, you get double benefit of promoting as well as selling your brand!

  1. Time saving strategy that allows your store to serve numerous people

It works this way for sellers! When you register yourself at our site, you start getting calls from customers regarding your products and deals. You explain your offers to many customers. Needless to mention, these leads can be converted easily into customers! You get to save a lot of time in comparison of one that you spent in showing products or explain offers physically to customers. Hence, the time-saving strategy of our site helps you save and utilize more time that can be spent in physical dealing at your store.

  1. No headaches for return products as in case of online stores

Gallideals deals on offline deals only! Hence, it provides equal benefits to to both its customers and sellers. As a customer, you can choose the best item physically and so there are no possibilities that you will return the product as you would have already checked it completely before buying! The same applies to sellers also as being a seller, you will sell product that satisfies your customer.

  1. Higher margins

Being a seller at our site means enjoying amazing benefits! One of the important advantages of using our site as a seller is that you can enjoy high margins on various products that you want to sell through our site.

  1. Clearance of stock with No Extra cost

As a seller on our portal, you can clear your stock with no extra cost! All you actually need to do is to put up an attractive deal for your showroom, products or items. You get to reach national and international customers and thus, you can clear your stock in just a short period of time!

  1. Increase your brand value & trust

In today’s time, your business profits mainly depend on how you promote your brand! If you are able to build an impressive impression for your brand online, you get numerous benefits as a seller! The appealing descriptions of your products, the attractive deals of your showroom and similar factors that sellers mention at our site help them expand their brand value and trust among their target customers!

Last but absolutely not the least, we would like to mention that there are many online shopping portals existing on internet that allow sellers to sell their products but what makes a different, distinct and unique is the fact that we deal in OFFLINE DEALS ONLY! Hence, being a seller at our portal, you too can enjoy immense benefits as described above!

So do not wait anymore, just contact us or register at our site and check out yourself how your business has started reaching heights of success! We invite all sellers to be a part of our portal – gallideals- an awesome online destination that helps you establish, promote and expand your business in a reasonable and simple way! Good Luck!


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